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Recording and mixing on consoles Neve, SSL, plugins UAD

MCI 24-track tape recorder, Protools HDX

Top-of-the-range peripherals and microphones


  • custom album 100%


my career…

My love story with music begins at the age of 6 when I learn to play the piano. At 14 years I improvise DJ with a friend, one tinkers of the material sound and lights. At the same time I have the opportunity to produce a program “Les Acharnés” in a local radio of the Hauts de Rouen (HDR) and also “vanille citron” on (RC2) and then another broadcast on the college radio broadcasted during breaks. At 16 years old I play in several groups of percussion music and discover the stage until 19 years old or I join a school of sound engineer over 3 years in Paris (EMC).

I have been sailing for 15 years in all styles of music, between jazz, rock, reggae, song, electronic music …

Today, I like mix acoustic sounds with electronics, the heat of analog and organic in a modern and current mix.

  • Clients satisfaits 95%
  • Professionnalisme 98%
  • Créativité 94%
  • Identité sonore 92%




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